Kind Loving Forever homes urgently required for Leonbergers that come into care.
If you think you can help we would love to hear from you

If you would like to enquire about re-homing or fostering a Leonberger please fill out the form below, if you would also send an informal e-mail about yourselves and your interests etc to us it gives us more information than a simple form does and helps us match a dog to a family.
Please download, sign and return the
Declaration Form to:

Leonberger Rescue Centre
6 Deane Cottages,
Deane Nr Basingstoke
RG25 3AT.

Rehoming Enquiry Form

1. Are you applying for Permanent Re-homing or Temporary Fostering? *
2. Have you had a Leonberger or Large Breed before, please list? *
3. Do you and family members work. if so please state full or part time?
4. How long will the dog/bitch be left alone daily?
5. Do you have small children or grandchildren under the age of 6, please give ages?
6. Please list other animals that the dog/bitch would share your home with.
7. Are you or your partner in the Armed Forces?
8. Is your accommodation owned or rented?
9. If rented have you a written agreement from your landlord to say you can keep a dog, if so please send a copy.
10. We would like to arrange a home check , is this acceptable?
11. How would you describe the area you live in, town, country, village, rural or suburban?
12. Please say why you think a Leonberger is the right breed for you.
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