Both dogs and children need time out from one another. Right from the start you must make house rules and keep to them.

Children should be supervised at all times when in the company of your dog. It really doesn't matter how much you trust your dog's temperament, it should be a rule that is never broken.

Encourage children to be calm around your dog and if they are having a noisy period, use your dogs crate for time out. (yes you have guessed put the kids in it) Seriously your dog will appreciate the time spent out of the way. Indoor kennels/crates are great, they should never be used as a punishment and should always be a nice place to be.

Please teach your children to approach dogs offering an open hand palm up and placed under the dogs chin first, then gradually moved to head etc. A hand above the dogs head with no warning can sometimes be read as a threat.

Dogs and children are a great combination but both have to have respect for one another, this is a taught behaviour you as parents must be the teachers as neither are able to accomplish this without your help and guidance.
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