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If you wish to contact us please use the form on the left, alternatively if you wish for support you can contact one of the co-ordinators

Midge Clayton. Tel. 07904 382315 -

General Advice & Support

John & Karen Loring. Essex
Tel. 07836202014 -

John & Maureen Tyler. Cambs
Tel. 07963875170 -

Racquel Walker. Wilts.
Tel. 07769803142 -

Sally-Anne Sandalls. Lincs.
Tel. 01775 725918 -

Susie Jump. Cheshire
Tel. 07548 125188 -

We are also very lucky to have the help and guidance of Pam Smith. Pam is a Re-habilitation Trainer who specialises in aggression, out of control and ultra shy dogs. Pam is experienced with Leonbergers having owned them for many years.


We are also fortunate to have links to two working groups who can help keep your Leonberger fit and also for you both to have fun.

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